How to come to us with the least CO2? compare travel time, CO2 quantity and prices



How does this comparator work for coming to the Charles Ashton ecolodge?

This calculator allows you to compare, for any origin and destination (departure - arrival):

  1. The quantity of CO2 emitted
  2. Travel time
  3. An estimate of the price

And this for 6 different modes of transport: bicycle, train, coach, thermal car, electric car and plane.

Click here to find your way with the most suitable mode of transport.

You own an electric car. You can recharge your car 4 minutes from the ecolodge on a 50KW terminal and combine business with pleasure while enjoying an excellent restaurant, the ""old dovecote""

You wish to come by soft mobility (without a car) with an arrival at Vannes station or by carpooling to any location around the Rhuys peninsula. Once you arrive, all you need to do is book an electric bike rental in advance to be independent during your stay. The right rental company is veloc'ouest who will ensure you deliver the bikes to your place of departure and they will pick them up wherever you want!

You own your bike so indicate in your GPS ""lieu-dit Quintin 56370 Sarzeau.