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Herbergement insolite sur l'eau Morbihan

Herbergement insolite sur l'eau Morbihan

21 Apr 24

Unusual stay on the water in Morbihan - Rhuys peninsula

Enjoy an unusual stay in accommodation on the water

What if you had a unique experience of a night on the water? Whether you are a fan of unusual accommodation or dream of staying there for the first time, here is accommodation on the water for a magical and original stay in Morbihan.

Need large spaces to recharge your batteries? Want a unique and romantic place for a weekend? Tempted by magical and unforgettable moments to share with family or as a couple? So, taste adventure and stay in unusual accommodation in Brittany for your next vacation. Find the enchanting setting of accommodation on the water and make magnificent memories: hearing the birdsong at daybreak, falling asleep lulled by the lapping of the water, admiring the reflections of the sun on ponds , pure moments of joy and relaxation await you in Morbihan.

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18 Apr 24

The unmissable festival in Morbihan: Lorient Interceltic Festival

In 2024, in early August, you can attend concerts, dance performances and workshops celebrating Celtic culture.

During this festival, you should not miss the five ""Interceltic Nights"", a show with 500 musicians on stage, with fireworks and light shows.

This festival is an unmissable event for fans of Celtic music and those wishing to discover it.

To find out more or book tickets go to https://www.festival-interceltique.bzh/programmation-2024/

Cairn de Petit Mont Morbihan

Cairn de Petit Mont Morbihan

14 Apr 24

Discovering the Cairn of Petit Mont in Morbihan Rhuys Peninsula

Discover the Petit Mont cairn…

  • The Petit Mont cairn can be visited as part of guided tours or independent tours .
  • Educational workshops are also offered to discover the different periods of occupation of the site (notably prehistory) by making, manipulating and having fun!
  • Fun activities ""The stones speak"" invite you to discover the monument as a family, through objects from prehistory.

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Balade en kayak Golfe du Morbihan

Balade en kayak Golfe du Morbihan

10 Apr 24

Kayak outing idea in the Gulf of Morbihan

Meeting with Hervelyne Guilloux of marine trails for the discovery of kayaking in the Gulf of Morbihan

""Sailing on the Gulf of Morbihan in autumn and even in winter, as long as the Nordet is weak, is really very pleasant. We are lucky to have an interesting playground in all seasons,"" explains Hervelyne Guilloux. Hervelyne is a host of eco-tourist walks in
sea kayaking "Marine trails". A former champion of the discipline, she has always had Brittany as her home base. Even if her journey has taken her to all the seas of the world, this native of Glénan has remained faithful to her roots and now shares her passion while raising awareness
practices that respect the marine environment!

Zigzagging between islands and islets

Going around Egg Island, we head towards Iluric Island, a private island where we could go beach... But regulations would prohibit us
to venture beyond an easement zone equivalent to one meter from the highest tide. We then leave it on the port side to reach the island
Ilur, an island of the Coastal Conservatory managed by the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park. Fourth island in the Gulf of Morbihan in terms of
of surface area, we can disembark there with a short mid-calf swim... Oddly the water is warmer here than at Pointe du Ruault! And frankly it works!

A regular visitor, Hervelyne shows us her secret corners to enjoy an incredible panorama over the entire gulf. We come across the team from the Regional Natural Park (PNR) looking for a lost sheep... Xavier Le Gallo, the new guardian of the small island comes easily to meet us and invites us to enter the heart of Ilur by taking the marked paths. The island enjoys great wealth both in terms of its biodiversity and its vernacular heritage. Walking along dry stone walls, we enter a small hamlet formerly inhabited by agricultural farmers. In the midst of restoration, the homes are lined with blackthorn trees, hawthorns, mulberries... We will have to return to the summer months: we imagine the thousand colors during flowering... but for now, how pleasant it is to stroll among the wild grasses and appreciate this special moment! This feeling of having the gulf to ourselves, in preview and in VIP mode!

Contact on 06 62 37 04 33

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Plage de Penvins

Plage de Penvins

06 Apr 24

Discover Penvins beach Rhuys peninsula

Discover Penvins beach Rhuys peninsula

This long family beach overlooked by the Notre Dame de la Côte chapel is one of the liveliest beaches. Indeed, it is an exceptional spot for kite-surfing and a favorite area for kite-flying enthusiasts. It also has a sailing, kite-surfing and stand-up paddle school.

5 minutes from the beach, unusual accommodation surrounded by nature awaits you: Ecolodge Charles Ashton

Adapted chairs (seahorse and tiralo) are available, upon reservation, from the first aid station (02 97 67 34 87), open from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., in July and August. Out of season, by reservation at 02 97 48 29 67.

circuit pédestre chateau de Suscinio

circuit pédestre chateau de Suscinio

03 Apr 24

Hiking circuit – Sarzeau

Hiking circuit - Sarzeau

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • GPS : 02°43'744"" W 47°30'825"" N
  • Distance : 10.7 km
  • Departure : Suscinio Castle car park
  • Difficulty : Easy


Turn left and pass in front of Suscinio Castle. A tour of the Castle is a must. Take rue de Kerglomirec on the left and take the path which is directly on your right towards the marshes and the "Brousse". At the crossroads, take the path on the right which crosses the marshes. Take the road to ""la Brousse"" (wetland, this path can be flooded).

In this case, take the ""Loussaou"" path. After ""la Brousse"", take the road on the left at the end. In front of the first old house, the Barquerie Sodrio, take the ""Chemin Vert"" on the right. On the left, it runs alongside the seven-century-old wall of the Glisgoët ducal park. In Kergorange (busy road), turn left, via Lann Hoëdic, to join the "pedestrian path", then follow the coast towards the east (on the left). You will arrive at the tip of Beg-Lann. Enjoy the panorama: on the right, Roaliguen, Saint Jacques and its port; off shore, Houat and Hoëdic, on the left, Penvins and its chapel.

Follow the path, marsh side, to the path on the left. Discreet visitors will undoubtedly observe the heron, the harrier, the kestrel, the ducks... Our last steps along the wall of the first hunting park bring us back to the castle. Variant: go to Corn-er-Pont then turn left towards Chemin des Amourettes.

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Les îles du Morbihan

Les îles du Morbihan

31 Mar 24

The islands of the Gulf of Morbihan

The islands of the Gulf of Morbihan

A true inland sea sheltered from the ocean, the Gulf of Morbihan Regional Natural Park is dotted with numerous islands: Arz , Gavrinis, Berder, and countless islets. According to legend, there are as many islands as there are days in the year. In reality, around forty islands stand out, around thirty of which are inhabited today. Don't miss the largest: Île aux Moines , called ""the pearl of the gulf"". It cultivates its exception through its original shape, its flowery streets and its very special atmosphere: a change of scenery guaranteed! A boat cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan will take you up a notch and discover this fascinating labyrinth.

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Idée balade : Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys l’artistique !

Idée balade : Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys l’artistique !

28 Mar 24

Idea for a walk: artistic Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys!

Idea for a walk: artistic Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys!

Nestled on one of the highest points of the Rhuys Peninsula, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys is a land of inspiration for those who tame it for a walk on the cliffs of the Grand Mont. It owes its wild character to the west winds which sweep its coasts and ruffle its gorse. And when the sun shows its rays, the Presqu'île offers its most beautiful beaches to amateurs.

The Grand Mont walk

On the move for a 2h15 walk. Departing from the center of St Gildas de Rhuys , head towards the village of Kercambre to join the famous coastal path: the GR®34 to Port aux Moines. This small port enclave, rehabilitated in 1965, was once a natural shelter used by the monks of the abbey. The coastal path leads to the heights of the Pointe du Grand Mont , a breathtaking panorama from the highest point of the Rhuys peninsula.

Walkers then admire a magnificent coastline, interspersed with coves and cliffs. The Bretons agreed on a word to define the elusive color of the ocean: glaz! Blue or green? Emerald at dawn, sapphire at midday, aquamarine at snack time, topaz at sunset, the cliffs form a setting where these precious lights are reflected. At the west end of Port aux Moines, a dolmen rests on 6 small stones, surrounded by a small stone wall. A cross, in memory of the missing sailors, stands on the route before reaching Port Maria, a rocky projection which helped protect boats from the swell... Walkers arrive at the Orientation Table of the Grand Mont which locates the bay offshore. of Quiberon and its renowned islands: Belle Ile en Mer, Houat and Hoëdic.

Discovering the town's Sunday morning market

After this invigorating walk, it is easy to reach the village via the Route du Grand Mont and the Rue des Vénètes to discover numerous artists: sculptors, visual artists, painters and photographers... Just walk through the doors of their galleries to embark on a creative journey. On Sunday mornings the town bustles to the rhythm of the weekly market, the opportunity to taste local products at the foot of the abbey church. A visit to this imposing building, perfectly rebuilt after the devastation caused by the Vikings, allows you to understand the history of the village, before leaving these picturesque places.

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Idée balade Presqu'île de Rhuys

Idée balade Presqu'île de Rhuys

25 Mar 24

Idea for a walk: The Gulf of Morbihan via the points of the Rhuys peninsula

Ideas for a trip to the Gulf of Morbihan Rhuys Peninsula:

Megalithic discovery at the entrance to Arzon

At the entrance to Arzon, the Neolithic Tumulus of Tumiac, 15 meters high, stands out in the landscape. It has been classified as a historic monument since 1923. From here, walkers contemplate the panoramas of the entire Rhuys peninsula. It is also said that the place was used by Caesar to review his troops during the Battle of the Veneti, which earned it its usual name of ""Caesar's Mound"".

A stone's throw from the port of Crouesty, the megalithic site of Petit Mont overlooks the ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan. The Cairn du Petit Mont , an imposing monument over 6000 years old, is perched in an exceptional natural space.

At the marina, walkers enjoy a stop on the terrace and the relaxing view available to them.

Port Navalo information!

From the town of Arzon, the walk continues towards Port Navalo. By following the harbor then the coastal path to the tip of Bilgroix, the entrance to the Gulf and the first islands are revealed. Walkers come across the statue of Saint Anne then turn back towards Tréno beach. This is the old village of Monteno. Picturesque, it offers a very beautiful collection of traditional fishermen's houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The fountains beach then joins the coastal path towards the points. That of Pembert reveals a beautiful panorama of the Gulf with the cromlech of Er Lannic and the tumulus of Gavrinis . In Kerners, from the Bilouris hold, walkers can see Île aux Moines, the Brannec and Govihan islands. On the way back, going up to the village, two possibilities are available to them: the discovery of the Saint-Nicolas chapel, recognized as one of the most beautiful tidal mills in Brittany. Visitors will have enjoyed a concentrate of the peninsula for more than 4 hours.

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Sans titre

Sans titre

19 Oct 23

Ecolodge Charles Ashton featured in the Morbihan Tourisme press magazine

Each year Morbihan Tourisme publishes its magazine for the press. The Charles Ashton ecolodge was selected in the accommodation category particularly for its Eco-responsible commitment.



02 Sep 23

Ouest-France article “we talk about us”

It is often said that it is others who talk about it best! The positive experience of our tenants at Ecolodge Charles Ashton in the Ouest-France newspaper.



21 Jun 23

Article Gulf of Morbihan Tourist Office Vannes Tourism

Press article produced by the Gulf of Morbihan Vannes tourism office

13 Apr 23

It's spring, the vegetation is growing!

It's spring at the ecolodge, our fruit trees planted last year are giving flowers. surely no fruit for this year but they are in great shape. Our strawberries and raspberries are definitely growing.

04 Apr 23

New in 2023 at the Château de Suscinio 10 minutes from the ecolodge

Today, we had the opportunity to discover the novelties of the castle of Suscinio.

We will remember: the elevator, which provides access to all the first three floors of the eastern building, as well as the northern curtain wall.

The creation of a banquet room, a Duchess room and a crossbow room.

We liked the ""crossbow shooting"" animation

Finally from July 11, there will be the night show every Tuesday and Thursday.

To visit absolutely!



19 Dec 22

"Unusual romantic weekend" gift card

Offer your partner two nights in an Ecolodge in the middle of nature, 5 hectares just for you!

Gift card valid From Apr 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024

The price includes Two nights at the Ecolodge, cleaning, bedding/towels, a bottle of champagne, 1L Bio-Ethanol for the fireplace. Water, electricity, gas, natural biodegradable hygiene/cleaning products, 2 bicycles

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