Observe the Fauna and Flora in Morbihan at the Ecolodge Charles & Ashton

Staying at the Charles Ashton ecolodge is an opportunity to discover more than 50 wild animal species, in freedom and flora of the marshes and woods. Around you, the animals will come to feed in our preserved natural space.

Staying at the Charles Ashton ecolodge is also a great chance to approach and feed with us certain animals such as geese, sheep, ducks.

We also help wild animals in their preservation and reproduction by making shelters for them.

We give food supplements for some of them for their development such as salt blocks for deer, corn for ducks….

We are also approved as ""Private Guard of Woods and Forests" and "Private Hunting Guard" in order to contribute to the preservation of our forests and wild animals.

The Charles Ashton ecolodge offers you a stay in the heart of the wild animal world and nature.

Here is an overview of the Fauna and Flora on our natural site.