Learn the easy-to-do eco-gestures

Ecogestes Ecolodge Charles Ashton

Ecogestes Ecolodge Charles Ashton

Eco-gestures are simple to do, it's a matter of habit.

You are relaxing at the Ecolodge Charles Ashton so take the time to do the eco-gestures that will help you at home.

The proper use of heating?

To best manage the use of heating , it is very useful to:

  • Switch off the heating when you are not in the accommodation. And leave the thermostat set at 19°.
  • Close the curtains as much as possible on cold or hot days because the curtains in our Ecolodge are blackout and thermally insulating.
  • Ventilate the room at least 10 minutes a day to remove the humidity from the air - a humid room takes longer to heat up;
  • Also, remember to turn off the thermostat when the windows are open: the thermostat is located above the switches in our Ecolodge.

How to follow your energy consumption?

Our heating thermostat and all of the Ecolodge's electricity consumption are connected , so we can monitor and communicate energy consumption data to you.

What simple eco-gestures to put in place in the kitchen?

  • Place a lid on pans when cooking food. Equipment will heat up and water will boil / food will cook much faster. At the end of cooking, opt for passive cooking and turn off the bio-gas plates to take advantage of the inertia ; the plates remaining hot for several minutes.
  • Opt for batch-cooking : cook food for several meals, even if it means mixing several preparations afterwards so as not to have to eat the same thing all week.

What eco-gestures for household appliances and multimedia?

At the Charles Ashton ecolodge the consumption classkitchen and multimedia equipment are the most energy efficient. For example, a whistle kettle (3 liters) or an Italian coffee maker (the best coffee in the world!) consumes less than electric.

The flat screen television is the most energy efficient. A solar electric lamp as well as LED lights as well.

Avoid leaving devices on standby. The Ecolodge is equipped with power strips with switches.

Unplug the chargers as soon as the devices are sufficiently charged.

The ecolodge is equipped with solar panels which sometimes produce more energy than the possible storage, so it is recommended to charge your devices during the day.

How to sort waste?

The Ecolodge has 4 bins:

  One for all papers and packaging

One for all glass packaging

One for compostable waste

One for household waste

You will see that putting it into practice is simple and we are here to support you throughout your stay.