Ideas for stays and weekends in Brittany - Morbihan - Rhuys peninsula

Here is an idea for a stay for 2 nights in Brittany - Morbihan on the Rhuys peninsula .

This stay can be carried out in soft mobility (without a car) with an arrival at Vannes station or by carpooling to any location around the Rhuys peninsula. Once you arrive, all you need to do is book an electric bike rental in advance to be independent during your stay. The right rental company is veloc'ouest who will ensure you deliver the bikes to your place of departure and they will pick them up wherever you want!

Day 1 :

- On your arrival in Morbihan, have lunch at the "creperie les croquants " at the foot of the Suscinio castle, come and taste crepes and pancakes (100% Breton buckwheat) made fresh in front of you. Specialties with local products and homemade toppings.

- After your meal, visit Suscinio Castle . This majestic fortified castle built between the 13th and 15th century in Sarzeau was one of the favorite residences of the Dukes of Brittany. On the program: immersive scenography, fun activities and entertainment for the whole family! In the evening during the summer, Suscinio Castle takes you on a magical journey during a Sound & Light show.

- Sleep in unusual accommodation " the Ecolodge Charles Ashton " 100% eco-responsible. The entire 5 hectare estate is privatized just for you. The Ecolodge offers you a timeless stay, punctuated by the observation of wildlife and beauty of nature. The disconnection is total. Less than 5 minutes by bike, from a bakery and a supermarket.

Day 2:

- After your breakfast, go hiking to the Pointe de Bénance, 15 minutes from your accommodation. An 8 km hike, approximately 1h30 and easy.

- Stop on this hike at the " Nursery du Golfe ", Spiru'Breizh , the only 100% seawater marine Spirulina farm in the world, innovative thanks to its marine green gold... and taste the Apéri' triskell, a real marine plate.

- As you continue your outing,go and discover the Cairn of Petit Mont (20 minutes by bike): On a self-guided tour or 45-minute guided tour, you can admire the exceptional engravings on the walls of the two preserved dolmens. The site is open to the public from April to September.

- Returning to your accommodation along the marked bike paths, go and dine at the restaurant " l'plac " in Saint Jacques de Sarzeau: it is not only traditional and refined cuisine, it is also an exceptional setting offering unparalleled view of the ocean, with the islands of Houat, Hoëdic & Belle île en mer.

- Return to your unusual accommodation Ecolodge Charles Ashton . (20 minutes by bike).